Blend S (Sub)

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Tsundere, Imouto (little sister type), etc. are only a few of the PERSONAS that the café waitresses play out here. And the new hire, Maika, is asked by the store manager to play none other than the SUPER SADIST!? As she becomes devoted to her work, her super sadist persona blooms unexpectedly… Everything is a treat—even being stomped on—in this outrageous working comedy!

Other Name : ブレンド・S

Year : 2017 – ?

Title: Blend S (Sub)

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EpisodeLast Updated
ブレンド・S Episode 8 (Sub) November 26th, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 7 (Sub) November 19th, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 6 (Sub) November 12th, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 5 (Sub) November 7th, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 4 (Sub) November 7th, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 3 (Sub) October 22nd, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 2 (Sub) October 15th, 2017
ブレンド・S Episode 1 (Sub) October 15th, 2017